Emma Jayne’s Psychedelic Animals Will Color Up Your Day!

There’s a majestic beauty to the animal kingdom that often transcends words — but Manchester’s Emma Jayne manages to capture it with bold and imaginative colors.

Listen, we all know that spiders aren’t pink, panthers aren’t light blue and eagles, usually, do not resemble a rainbow. But when Jayne gives her animal subjects the psychedelic treatment, it somehow seems right. She manages to show the familiar in an unknown light and creates an entirely new experience for us viewers.

One strong theme that runs through Jayne’s work is her affection for aquatic scenery and marine mammals and fish. Many of her best works feature whales, dolphins, sharks, and even mermaids and mermen. 

Insects also feature quite heavily on Jayne’s Instagram page. From the solemn beatle to the playful grasshopper, our six-legged friends appear in a variety of shiny and uplifting colors.

So if you like animals, and you want to experience something completely wacky and fun, give Emma Jayne’s illustration a look. With 1,145 posts on Instagram to date, it’s guaranteed to give that psychedelic itch a good and thorough scratch.