Enter A Whole New World Visiting This Disney’s “Aladdin”-Inspired Café

In celebration of Disney’s live-action adaptation of Aladdin, The Grounds of Alexandria café, located in NSW, Australia, transformed into a magical city inspired by Agrabah, “a fictitious port city of mystique and enchantment where anything is possible.”

The café features an enchanting courtyard, a gigantic magic lamp, and hanging lanterns. The menu includes sweet treats “I wish for more…cake,” “Jafar cake,” and cocktails “Magic carpet ride,” and “Friend like me, tea.”

The whole installation has various sections for different fictional places in the movie such as a palace area with “majestic archways, surrounded by intricate gold detail, layered embellishments, turquoise accents, and lace lanterns,” and The Cave of Wonders features “gold riches and luxury dressings, and of course a magical golden lamp.”

During their launch event, the café installed a full barn setup with real camels. They even made a vibrant marketplace just like the one that Jasmine and Aladdin visited in the movie.

Their Aladdin installations will remain open until July 21, 2019.