Fall In Love with Victoria Bee’s Paper Props

How does one become a paper artist, specialized in prop making and set design? Ask art director and paper enthusiast Victoria Bee. Currently based in Berlin, Bee’s creative journey included many stops around the world, before she finally landed where she is today.

Having studied Graphic Design for five years, she worked for four years as a junior art director and paper artist based between Montreal, Paris, and London. In 2015, Bee moved to Berlin, where she launched her own creative studio, sharing one space with fashion designers and illustrators alike.

“After making some 2D paper-cut illustrations for myself and some friends, a guy in Brussels asked me to build some paper bird-head masks for his art project,” she further relayed in an interview with Sixtysix Magazine. “I accepted and decided to see how it would go, but I knew already I had a good vision for size and volume. It worked out really well, and I got a lot of positive feedback.”

After this first successful job with paper, Bee went on to accept a few other projects and started to build a portfolio. When she had enough work samples, she applied for a position at a creative studio in London, which looked for paper prop makers. “That was my chance,” says Bee. “I was quickly hired and from there it became official: I could make a living out of this.”

Her work includes anything from miniature potted plants to a giant bottle of Champagne – all entirely made of paper. Here are some highlights from her feed: