Greeting Card Brand Aims to Spread Kindness and Joy

Sisters Eunice James and Sabrina Moyle spread positivity through their paper brand Hello!Lucky, which specializes in illustrated greeting cards accompanied with witty puns (and the occasional dad joke).

With James being a gifted illustrator and Moyle a creative entrepreneur, it didn’t take long before their brand made a splash. Launched in 2003, the letterpress greeting-card brand sells its merch online and throughout worldwide stores. But you can also join its huge following on Instagram, free of charge.

“Hello!Lucky is founded in the belief that creativity, positivity, humor, and kindness are the key ingredients to a life well-lived,” the two sisters write on their website. “We believe in bringing playful exuberance to everything we make, and to creating products that deepen connections between people and their loved ones. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to express themselves and to live in a world that affirms beauty, diverse experiences, and kindness.”

Being that we’re also big believers in kindness, we recommend you look into their work and spread the love around!