This Guy Skates On Thin Ice, Creating Amazing Laser-Like Sounds

Image via henriktrygg/Instagram

Swedish skaters Henrik Trygg and Mårten Ajne love skating on think, black ice. For them, to hit the ice in its dangerously thin state is the climax in “Nordic skating.”

Photographer and filmmaker Trygg is an expert in capturing both the black and clear appearance of the ice and the laser-like sounds created when a skater glides over it. As for Ajne, he is a mathematician who has written books on the science of Nordic skating, which features Trygg’s photography.

Last December, Trygg filmed Ajne skating on 45-mm thick ice on Lissma Kvarnsjö, a lake outside Stockholm, Sweden. In the short documentary, Ajne skates across the surface as his weight cracks the ice, creating the incredible sound of ice.

Check out the video below.