Indian Engineer Illustrates Comics About Animals You Need to See

Have you ever wondered what your cat thinks about you, or to what extent does your dog’s love goes towards you? Unfortunately, we aren’t able to read minds, but maybe artist Rajnik Patel has the answer to your questions.

This Indian-based engineer with a passion for art, animals, and dinosaurs shares adorable comics with animals in the main role on his Instagram account titled Bevinodi. He gives them human characteristics and hilarious conversations in which they fall in love, play, clean their room, etc.

“The positive emotions I feel towards animals has led me to learn about them quite a bit (I guess I am kind of a dinosaur nerd, too),” the artist told Bored Panda and added that in his artwork he likes focusing on funny, real-life situations.

A seahorse dad trying to be a great parent, a little hedgehog falling in love with a cactus, a dino, and a butterfly being best buddies—these are just some of the stories Patel tells with his illustration.

If you want to have something positive and funny on your Instagram feed, go check out Bevinodi on Instagram. Don’t forget to follow him for more content.