Japanese Town breaks A Guinness World Record For Gigantic Mona Lisa Painting

Last year a Japanese town named Soka in Saitama Prefecture recreated a painting of Mona Lisa made of rice crackers as a way to promote their local specialty called ‘Soka Senbei.’

Around 200 residents made the replica of Leonardo da Vinci’s iconic painting using 24,000 crackers that were dyed in seven different colors. They used various flavours such as soy sauce, matcha green tea, and sugar. The massive installation was formed at a gymnasium and was 13-meter-long and 9-meter wide.

The incredible mosaic was completed by the mayor who placed the final pieces and had the officials from Guinness World Records to witness the event. When the Guinness officials certified it as “the world’s largest mosaic made of the treat,” the locals rejoiced. Shortly after, the rice crackers from the painting were distributed among the public for free.