Judit Just’s Tapestries Give Us Colorful Goosebumps

We have to admit we’re kind of obsessed with Judit Just’s colorful tapestries. Intentionally messy, overflowing, and vibrant–they act as centerpieces, adding a unique contemporary edge to home interior design. Using old weaving techniques and beautiful vintage threads, Just’s tapestries are delicately handwoven, with materials including silk threads, viscose fringe tassels, and cotton threads and cords.

“With my weavings I try to seek the pleasure between the relationship of a tactile versus a visual synesthesia, touching colors, listening to textures, tasting shapes, perceiving colors represented by certain shapes, and vice versa,” she explained in an interview with Sarah K. Benning. “But especially, my purpose is to share this experience with everyone else and give them some colorful goosebumps.”

Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, and currently based in Asheville, North Carolina, Just knows a thing or two about “colorful goosebumps,” having grown up surrounded by textiles. Her love of textile was inherited from her mother, herself a prolific weaver. Having studied later fashion design, sculpture, and textile art, Just mastered the craft of weaving and embroidery.

“As I’m weaving, I usually go crazy jumping on many diverse ideas at the same time like a distracted butterfly,” she describes her somewhat spontaneous process. “I try to make fast sketches and secure some of the color combinations that suddenly pop on my mind, as fast as possible.”

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