Impressive Metal Sculptures Made From Old Bike Chains by Drew Evans

Drew Evans is the owner of a bicycle repair shop in Iowa, but he’s also a talented artist who’s using old bike parts to make breathtaking art pieces. Evans has a knack for turning discarded things, such as chains or sprockets, and turning them into beautiful metal sculptures.

The talented man said in an interview with My Modern Met that he enjoys breathing life into something that most people consider junk. “I love working with scrap bicycle chains and sprockets in particular for a plethora of reasons, including the fact that they are highly conducive to geometric designs, and they come in a variety of metallic finishes that often take on colorful patinas when heated,” he said.

Evans is a big fan of cycling, nature, and sustainable living, and he found a perfect way to combine all of these interests into an amazing hobby. The artist’s love for nature can be easily noticed in his sculptures, as most of them are inspired by trees, animals, and other motifs from nature.

Check out the artist’s Instagram page to see more inspiring work.