Leah Goren’s Illustrations Are Full of Summery Goodness

Leah Goren’s art is bright, uplifting, and feminine. Though her artistic style evolved over the years, she admits to always enjoying figure drawing and focusing on women subjects.

“People often ask me about my choice to draw women with all different body types and if I’m making feminist art,” she told The Great Discontent. “It’s like, well, it’s not not feminist, but I’m not choosing to draw all different body types because I’m trying to make a feminist statement. I just have the knowledge inside of me that, yes, all of these body types exist. That’s a fact.”

“I like fashion and people’s personal styles,” she adds. “When I draw patterns, that’s a big part of my work and drawing girls and the clothes they wear makes a lot of sense. I don’t know if it was ever conscious. I draw what I’m interested in.”

It seems that other people are interested in these subjects just the same, and with more than 80k followers on Instagram and clients that include Anthropologie, Kate Spade, Penguin Random House, Revlon, and Vogue – she’s clearly doing something right. And Goren can also take pride in her more personal projects, having authored the book BESTIES and co-authored the book Ladies Drawing Night

Here are some highlights from her Instagram page:

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