Make Your Instagram Feed a Source of Inspiration and Gratitude

It’s time for some cleansing. Digital cleansing that is. Our first task: curating our Instagram page. Only positive messages allowed! Taylor Weaver’s Instagram page might be a good place to start. A designer, hand-letterer, and illustrator, she’s known to pack a punch – both in terms of messages and color choices.

“Start right now,” reads one stylized post by her, while another reminds us that “comparison kills”. It’s the kind of messages that resonate with both aspiring artists and everyday folks like us. “The main message of my art is just to share my life and experiences,” Weaver told SD Voyager. “I want to connect with others that have had the same or similar experiences while creating a beautiful finished product that is enjoyable to look at.”

Another goal of Weaver is to create work that is uplifting, funny, and sparks fun memories. “I don’t want to just create a beautiful piece of work,” she notes, “but I want it to connect with someone and mean something to them too.” As such, her work is appealing to both her personal audience and her commercial clients. Her collaborations include brands like Juice and Wellness Bars and Float spas.

Below you’ll find a collection of Weaver’s illustrations and hand-lettering projects: