Katie Wilson’s Illustrations Strike a Chord

With so much going on, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Here at TettyBetty, we’re doing our best to provide a soft, comfortable corner on the internet, and help you find inner peace, if nothing else. Lately, we’ve taken comfort in the illustrations of Katie Wilson. Focused on the joyful, sweet, and cozy things in life, her work features themes like flowers, pets, and home, reminding us of the small comforts in life.

“There is an underlying environmental message to my work,” explained the New Zealand-based illustrator in an interview with AWW Magazine. “I want people to see the beauty of the things we share this planet with – the animals, the plants and insects and through this hopefully care for them more.”

“I’ve always loved animals and have always either had dogs or cats or horses or chickens in my life,” she further relayed. “I try to simplify the shapes and textures of the animal whilst still keeping it recognizable. I also try to show its personality through facial features and gestures.”

With her home studio based in an old railway house in a small town in Coastal Otago, Wilson’s illustrations could be seen as an extension of her environment. Indeed, inspiration comes easy for Wilson and is found in her garden or the surrounding countryside. But even if you live in the city, her illustrated observations are sure to strike a chord.