Meet Wallace, The Adorable Corgi Who Loves To Hug His Friends

Turns out that social distancing is not only hard for us, people, but it’s difficult for our loyal companions and best friends—dogs. At least Wallace, an adorable 1-year-old corgi, feels this way.

Wallace is a funny little pooch who has an unusual habit—he loves to greet all his friends with a hug. Every time he goes for a walk and meets some of his dog friends, Wallace can’t help but greet them with a hug. His owner says that the corgi is very respectful and always makes sure that it’s okay to hug another dog.

“He is very playful and beyond sweet, he loves to cuddle and give hugs and kisses. He ONLY hugs his friends and family. He does not hug random dogs. I want to stress that he is not showing dominance when he does this. It’s really love”, Wallace’s owner told Bored Panda.

Unlike other dogs who may bark at other animals, Wallace is extremely affectionate not only with his dog friends and family members but with everyone. His owners say that they’re very lucky to have this short-legged guy in their lives.

Check out Wallace’s funny photos below.

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