Mesmerizing Art Created From Dandelion Fluffs

Contemporary art often requires modern and innovative solutions. That’s why people often search for new mediums and materials to work with, ones that haven’t been in use before. The artist we chose to present to you today is one of this group of artistic innovators, as she uses dandelion fluffs to create tiny artistic installations on a black background.  

She calls herself Euglena, by the name of a microorganism living in freshwater. She is an installation artist based in Tokyo, where she studied at Tama Art University and Tokyo University of Arts. Her signature projects are interactive installations in which dandelion puffs substitute the use of an artificial driving force to animate the work.  

During the last few years, her works were exhibited in many galleries throughout Japan to a great reception, and we have to admit that these tiny sculptures look truly amazing. The installations are so gentle and cute and some of them resemble a dancer in movement, so thin and light.

The artist posts her works online, where a small community of 1,000+ followers admires her works. Still, it’s so hard to believe that it’s possible to make tridimensional sculptures out of something so fragile like dandelion’s fluffs. 

See it for yourself in the gallery below! 

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