MOKO Will Stun You With Her Patent Black and White Drawings

There’s no shortage of talented people who can draw on Instagram, but having a unique and instantly recognized style is a different thing altogether. Croatian artist MOKO has exactly that: Take in just one of her drawings, and you’ll forever be able to tell her work apart.  

The most striking feature of MOKO’s art her minimalistic use of color; just black and white, with the occasional tiny drop of red. You might think that limiting herself to only two colors would result in boring and repetitive images, but MOKO can make magic happen with her clever application of contrast.

Another important motif that sets MOKO’s drawings apart is the serenity of the night’s sky. She achieves this effect by dotting black background with white dots, varying in size and brightness. This is usually done as a framing device, but can also surprisingly appear in the most unexpected of places, like a woman’s hair or a butterfly’s wings.

There’s something strong and spiritual about MOKO’s drawings that is a pleasure to behold. She also makes sure to add to each Instagram post a quote that fits the spirit of her drawing, adding to the experience. Take a look for yourself: