“The New Yorker” Should Hire 9-Year-Old Girl

Image via Bess Kalb/Twitter

Bess Bell Kalb is an Emmy-nominated writer for the late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live and The New Yorker’s “Daily Shouts.” It looks like creative writing runs in her family because Kalb decided to share her niece’s hilarious captions for New Yorker cartoons.

“Everything is terrible but my cousin’s 9-year old daughter Alice has been quietly and masterfully slaying the @NewYorker’s caption contest and it’s pure delight,” she tweeted.

Every week, the publication gives a “Cartoon Caption Contest,” where readers can submit their versions and the members of editorial team choose 3 finalists. People vote for the winner who will have his caption and name printed in the magazine. According to the official rules, only those age 13 and above can join the contest, which means Alice is not yet qualified.

But that doesn’t stop the comedic genius from showcasing her skills. “There are so many,” Kalb added. “She grabs every issue before her mom can get a hold of it, and every single one of them is perfect.”