Paulina Bartnik’s Bird Embroideries Are Vibrant and Delightful

Paulina Bartnik is known for her meticulous embroidery work, that focuses mainly on birds. Naming her bird series “embirdery”, she makes vibrant needle paintings that can be worn as brooches. Based in Poland, Bartnik loves nature and traveling, which also make for inspiration.

“Mostly my work is based on images which fall into my hands and usually I don’t make any sketches,” she told the Paperfolk blog. “I have plenty of ideas in my head (sometimes too much) which isn’t always good because I forget to realize lots of them.”

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Having been raised in an artistic family, creativity was always a natural part of Bartnik’s life, but she’s mostly self-taught in the art of embroidery. “I discovered embroidery as a teenager when I found a book about folk embroidery,” she says. “I really liked it so I decided to try it myself. It came naturally to me because I had a background in various other fields of art.”

“Embroidery is very time-consuming so I had to postpone it for a while and got back to it after a few years,” she adds. “I started to play around with felt and I discovered how good it looks when it’s combined with embroidery. Soft painterly effects can be achieved by using the felting technique and look perfect in combination with an acute line of threads.”

Her embirderies are sold on her online store, but you can also enjoy them from afar by scrolling through her Instagram page.