Teppei Takeda Creates Abstract Portraits with Brushstrokes

Japenese artist Teppei Takeda creates abstract portraits with gestural brushstrokes. His paintings don’t have faces or any particular details. Instead, they represent colorful silhouettes with a lot of character.

Takeda spent a decade in his studio in Yamagata, where he worked non-stop until he was ready to show his paintings to the world. That day finally came in 2016 when he had his first solo exhibition at local gallery Kuguru. According to his current gallerist, Maho Kubota Gallery, “there was no special advertising or publicity, but the ten portraits that he exhibited had such an impact on viewers that the news soon spread, reaching people who would travel to Yamagata from far away to see his works and collectors hoping to buy.”

Scroll down to see some of Takeda’s portraits. His work is currently displayed at Maho Kubota Gallery in Tokyo and it will be on view until October 12th, 2019.