These Adorable Felted Creatures are Pure Joy

Nastasya Shulyak is a wool artist who creates the most adorable felted creatures you have ever seen. Her wool figurines are fluffy, smiley, and quirky and immediately radiate joy the first time you lay your eyes on them.

Shulyak has been working with wool, using both dry and wet felting techniques for more than a decade now. It all began when she received a set of colored wool as a New Year’s gift from her friends. She decided to give felting a go and immediately liked it.

According to Shulyak, one of the reasons she enjoys expressing her creativity with wool is the endless possibilities that the material offers. Another was the reactions of people when they met her felted creations.

“I saw a childish resounding happiness in an adult holding in his hands what I had done,” Shulyak explains on her website. “Until now, it touches me, causes surprise and peace.”

The artist also shares that the inspiration for her felted creatures comes from the beautiful nature in her current home of Sakartvello, Georgia.

“At every turn, bizarre plants lie in wait for me, which inspire me to create new funny woolen babies,” she adds.

Scroll down to meet more of Shulyak’s woolen babies below.