These Psychodelic Tattoos Look Amazing!

David Peyote is a tattoo artist like you’ve never seen. His instantly recognizable creations all share two things in common: They’re psychedelic, and they look like they came off a sticker.

“I like to design tattoos to how I feel with the person when we meet and greet,” said Peyote on an episode of The Tattoo shop. “I just like to make people feel something… it’s just cool to be able to design something that’s part of the person, something that matches their personality,” he added.

With their thick appearance and smooth texture, Peyote’s tattoos are almost like windows into different realities, where fantastical creatures roam outworldly landscapes. Space, technology, and spirituality are also common themes.

“I like to include realism,” said Peyote when asked about his unique style. “I like to include a lot of basic shapes, which reminds me of graphic design….psychedelic stuff.

“I’ve been working a lot with contrast. I feel like contrast is the most important thing in tattooing… don’t be scared to put outlines, don’t be scared to use a lot of black.” 

Check out more of David Peyote’s tattoos on his Instagram account below, and give his store a visit if you fancy a Peyote original!