This Adorable Cat Beat Cancer and Rose to Fame

White Coffee Cat has made quite a splash online, thanks to his lush coat of white fur and big round blue eyes. He’s also the adopted brother of Instagram superstar Nala Cat, making him the Bella to her Gigi Hadid.

Adopted by the Methachittiphan sisters at only five months old, Coffee (aka Mr. White) shot to fame early on. With a following of 2 million strong, it was this online community that would ultimately help save him, contributing funds to cover his medical expenses when he was diagnosed with cancer.

“The beginning of this journey was extremely heartbreaking,” Pookie Methachittiphan later shared in an interview with Modern Cat. “Coffee became very sick just one day after the diagnosis. He didn’t show too many signs prior as we received a diagnosis quickly. We took him to see an oncologist immediately and started his first round of chemotherapy that same day.”

According to Methachittiphan, it was his early diagnosis that ultimately saved his life.

Coffee’s final rounds of chemotherapy were given to him once a month. Thankfully, after completing the chemotherapy program, his oncologists informed the sisters that he was cancer-free. According to the sister through this journey, they realized three important things: love, food, and community. 

These days, Coffee seems to be living his best cancer-free life. “Coffee has taught us about strength and unity,” say the sisters. “He showed us how social media can bring the world together for a common purpose and taught us how love can break down barriers.”

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