This Illustrator Explores Her Options

When it comes to her creative process, illustrator Sirin Thada likes stepping out of her comfort zone and experimenting with different mediums and techniques. “There are always new techniques or media to try,” she explained in an interview with Catapult, “new paths to explore, new ways of thinking, seeing and appreciating.”

“My process is constantly evolving, and I’m always trying to find ways to work more efficiently,” she stressed. Her willingness to keep an open mind also comes across her illustrations themselves. There’s an openness to her illustrated landscapes – a sense of excitement that simmers underneath the surface.

Thada’s work includes both commissions and personal projects, as well as a line of T-shirts and prints she sells on her website. “I love the variety,” she says. “I love the fact that every project is a different challenge. I love that I get to read brilliant articles and vivid stories, collaborate and connect with thoughtful and kind people, and learn new things all the time.”

“For editorial illustration, lately I’ve been doing a hybrid process of hand-created elements, plus digital layering with both Procreate and Photoshop,” she further relayed. Still, she adds, working with her hands and creating actual, physical art, will always be her first love. “I don’t want to stray too far from that,” she notes.

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With a habit of leaving behind scribbly doodles of Giacometti-like faces on napkins and notepads, I had always considered my dad the more creative one. We went back to Baltimore over the weekend, to celebrate Father’s Day, along with a joint belated Mother’s Day (we’re notorious for time-shifting holidays). As our cab pulled up the driveway of my childhood home, I admired the one remaining rhododendron towering next to the garage. Some rhodies can live for hundreds of years, and this one’s at least 40 years strong, lovingly planted by my mom. . All through my childhood, I remember her gardening incessantly: tulips and daffodils all around the house, azaleas in the front yard, a small backyard plot of Thai chili peppers and basil. My birthdays as a child were all the more special seeing our house surrounded by bright bursts of yellow and red and pink blossoms everywhere. She loved her flowers, and I felt like they were presents just for me. . As I stepped out of the cab last Friday, I noticed some new plantings: a lush fountain of tall grass encircling the base of a couple of trees, peppered by huge pink blossoms. This was undoubtedly her magic, and I was dying to know what kind of flowers they were, secretly hoping I could snag a few seeds for myself. Once we were inside, after a warm round of hellos and hugs and kisses, she informed me about her special new flowers: “They’re FAKE!” She shouted and laughed with such adorable triumph. . And that was when I was reminded again of the true, most innocent creativity that my mom possesses: it’s the creativity of a woman who loves flowers so much that she’s willing to plant in a few fake ones, just so that she can enjoy seeing them in her yard all-year long. (Don’t even get me started on her creativity with coupons and stretching a dollar… Best saved for another post). . Happy late Mother’s Day and happy Father’s Day — we love you so much and it was so good spending time with you (and Guy and Nicole)! Until next time!! ❤️ #SirinSketchbook . . . . . #sirinthada #artist #dailyillustration #illustratorsoninstagram #artonpaper #sketchbook #sketchjournal #drawing #coloredpencil #carandache #mom #gardening #thatsdarling

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