This Mirror Unlocks With the Power of Smile

Image via berkilhandesign on Instagram

There are days when you just don’t feel like getting out of bed and looking into the mirror. Well, with the use of this amazing invention, you will not be able to see your grumpy face.

Smile Mirror is an emotionally smart mirror that is unlocked with the power of a smile; meaning you need to smile if you want to see your face.

Berk Ilhan, the creator of this fascinating device, is a Turkish designer who originally made this mirror for cancer patients. However, nowadays it is available for everyone and it has the mission to encourage us to smile, but also to watch ourselves while we are doing it.

The smart mirror is made of non-reflective, frosted surface, a camera that detects our facial expressions and a mini-computer that decides to activate or not the mirror.

Ihlan found inspiration for his product while learning positive psychology from a 73-year old American physician called Dr. Hunter “Pech” Adams.