This School Created a Book-Vending Machine and the Kids Love it

There’s a unique vending machine that kids are enjoying in the city of New York. It’s not chips or candies or sodas that the machine is filled with, but new books!

A Buffalo public school is the first in the city to launch a book vending machine. It is the latest literacy tool at Arthur O. Eve School of Distinction #61, where it was installed in the corner of the school library. The school is offering golden tokens to insert into the vending machine that will dispense age-appropriate books for students in prekindergarten through 4th grade. Each month, the students will earn a trip to the library and a token for a book of their choice.

The machine was the idea of Unseld Robinson, assistant principal at the school, who had heard about a similar one in Washington, D.C.

“Many children in Buffalo are not reading as much as they should,” Robinson told The Buffalo News, “so the thought was to have them look to the vending machine for inspiration.”