Ukranian Band Fits an Entire Orchestra into a Single Grand Piano

One problem musicians often face is how to reproduce live songs recorded in the studio. This is especially problematic when the studio version makes use of additional instruments that band members don’t necessarily play and when there are just too many instruments added.

Ukranian Band Brunettes Shoot Blondes came up with an ingenious solution. They were looking for a way to play their song “Houston” live, but the song was originally recorded with the backing of a full orchestra!

Amazingly enough, the band’s solution was to create an entirely new instrument… which allows them to become an orchestra all by themselves. They took a grand piano, hollowed it out, and filled it up with a bunch of instruments: Violins, cello, tambourine, xylophone, castanets, and even a drum set. All in all, they fitted 20 different instruments into the piano, while still keeping some of the original keys.

The result is a masterpiece of creative engineering, and it sounds like pure magic. Of course, they could just play a simple synthesizer, but it wouldn’t quite have the same sound, and just as importantly, wouldn’t look half as cool.

Give “Houston” a listen below, and check out that piano!