Volunteer at an Animal Shelter Adorably Naps With Cats

Image via Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary Inc./Facebook

Terry Lauerman is a 75-year-old man who regularly visits a local shelter for catnaps. According to the staff at Safe Haven Pet Sanctuary in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Lauerman came in with a brush one day and asked if he could groom the cats.

“He just walked in and started brushing,” Elizabeth Feldhausen, founder of the shelter, told HuffPost. “So eventually we told him he was an official volunteer and had him fill out our volunteer form.”

Lauerman goes to the shelter every day, staying for about 3 hours daily. He brushes the cats before dozing off for a nap with them, before waking up and repeat the process again. The experience is beneficial to both parties and has had reaching effects for the shelter. So they decided to post on Facebook about Lauerman and his volunteer work and soon after, it went viral.

“We are so lucky to have a human like Terry. Terry just came along one day and introduced himself. He said he’d like to brush cats. Eventually, it became every day. He brushes all of the cats and can tell you about all of their likes and dislikes. He also accidentally falls asleep most days. We don’t mind – Cats need this! Terry is a wonderful volunteer,” the shelter wrote.