Would You Rock Janine Ker’s Rainbow Buzz Cuts?

It’s time we shed our hair for summer (or something along those lines). Janine Ker’s colorful haircuts are just the motivation we needed – cooling off our heads while upgrading our look. And while the rainbow-colored hair has been with us for quite a while now, Ker’s rainbow buzz cuts are a fresh take on it.

“‘Beauty has always been a complicated thing to me,” admitted the hairstylist in an interview with Dazed & Confused. “I can appreciate a good supermodel. But I tend to find beauty in a lot of unconventionally beautiful things… smeared make-up, an untucked shirt, birthmarks, crooked teeth… greasy hair. To me, it’s all about orchestrating it right.”

Her looks are, indeed, unconventional, earning her quite a name in California. “I take a lot of my inspiration from experience and I am very nostalgic,” she added. “So I love creating odes to visual things that make me happy. It might be my favourite blouse, a grandma’s chair, or a texture I find interesting. I love being able to prove that they can be translated into hair.”

“I love the 80s. I missed the decade (or rather I was too young to ‘grow up’ in it) but I always gravitated towards it. I still do. I spent a lot of time dissecting and immersing myself in the fashion and especially, music. Geometric shapes also work really well with hair. They are simple and create clean work, which is important to me.”

Check out some of her eye-popping looks in the gallery below. Would you dare to rock one of these haircuts?