Add Some Glitz and Glam to Your Instagram Feed with Sara Shakeel

Instagram sensation Sara Shakeel creates sparkling collages that are full of crystals, glitter, rainbows, and diamonds. Crowned aptly by Forbes as “The Original Crystal Artist,” Shakeel has no formal artistic training.

“I don’t have an art background, no one in my family is an artist, in fact, they are engineers, doctors, pilots, and teachers,” she told Forbes. “I was told from a very young age, that there was no chance of me getting into an art school pursuing that line of work, thus I chose to be a dentist which I personally loved, equal to being an artist.”

“With no formal art training, this path of life, although very rewarding, it is extremely ruthless especially in today’s world where ideas are floating and every other person claims to be an artist,” she added.

“I try to tell everyone who comes up to me for advice, every human has their own gift which is unique and different from the billions out there, why waste time in copying others when that brain of yours can create a million new ideas if you only give it a chance! I mean I did, and it proved me right.”

Check out her hypnotic creations in the gallery below.