This UK Mom Makes The Wittiest Greeting Cards

Stacey Dennis, a mom from Leeds, England, is the mastermind behind Love Layla, a greetings card brand known for their dry, sometimes dirty humor. Dennis started the company with only £30 in the bank and now her clientele includes celebrities.

Dennis is a graphic designer by trade and she began the business after she found her husband unemployed and was struggling to pay rent.

“I’d spotted a gap in the market because I’d previously done some cards for an LGBT charity – the design was ‘to my favourite lesbian’. They were quite popular. With my designs I’m open to anything really. At the time, we had £30 in the bank and up popped the cards – it’s worked out well!” – Dennis told The Yorkshire Post.

“The humour is quite lewd – it depicts the reality of relationships, and couples who take the mess out of each other.”

Be sure to check out some of her smutty design below. Do you have a favorite?