An American Artist Creates Amazing Fluid Art

The most interesting and fun type of art is fluid art. Also known as paint pouring, this art involves the use of acrylic paint on a canvas. The reaction of the paints to each other creates an amazing piece of art. The best part is that it is satisfying to watch it being made.

Kelly Johnson is a California based fluid artist who works with resin and acrylic paints. She uses high flow acrylic paints, white pigment, black marker, and an embossing heat gun.

From her videos, you can see that she starts with a wooden canvas. First, she pours the acrylic paint of different colors on targeted areas and then she seals it with resin before applying the white pigment and spreading it with the embossing heat gun. After reaching the desired spread, she seals it once more with resin and lets it dry.

See some of her amazing work in the gallery below.

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Some of you have been asking if I sell these @art_resin and @jacquardproducts alcohol ink coasters. The short answer is…not right now. The long answer is…I’m a perfectionist and these little coasters do not feel perfected to me just yet. I’ve had some warping issues, melting molds, and I also feel like I don’t have as much control over the outcome as I would like. I want to be clear that this has nothing to do with the quality of the products I am using but just means that I need more practice so I can manipulate them better! You will definitely be seeing more practice runs from me. The first time I worked with resin was about 9 months ago, and I only started experimenting with alcohol inks 4 months ago, so I’m definitely still learning and trouble shooting as I go. When and if I start selling these bad boys, I will definitely let y’all know! Thank you SO MUCH for your support and patience, it’s greatly appreciated! If you’re curious about how this piece turned out, head on over to @kreativelykelly for some still shots! Stay Kreative and Happy Crafting! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🎼 Music by: @plexsupplies 🎼 Song title: Street Lights Links to his Sound Cloud, iTunes, Youtube and Spotify are all on his page! Thank you for sharing your music @plexsupplies 🤗 . . . #fluidartwork #fluidart #fluidart_daily #ink #alcoholink #pour #inkpainting #homedecor #abstract #art #fluidpainting #modern #artwork #artistic #craft #artinstadaily #crafty #pour #creative #pouring #etsy #pinterest #instaart #pourpainting #craftsfeed #rainbow #gold #satisfying #diy #painting

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