Artist Draws Undiscovered Cat Tribes That are Inspired By a Dream He Had

Ricardas Strazdauskas is a self-described “amateur graphic artist” from Lithuania. For several years now, Strazdauskas has been drawing members of undiscovered cat tribes that were inspired by a dream he had.

Strazdauskas’ works show cats as different kinds of beasts compared to the traditional ways people perceive them. These cats have an imposing presence, dressed in robes and warrior clothes, with trophies taken from their enemies dangling from their necks and paws.

“I had a chance to watch this unique cats community very close – having learned about their everyday life, hunting characteristics and communication peculiarities, I have concluded that in their interior and behavior they are very similar to our cats – witty, highly curious and always looking for some adventure,” the artist shares.

After presenting the first tribe, Miiauji, Strazdauskas decided to add two more tribes to this intriguing world; Murr-guji and Muri-cati. Each one of these tribes has its own distinct origins, features, and way of life. The thing that connects them is their mystic component that Strazdauskas manages to capture with his detailed drawings.

If you want to know more about these intriguing undiscovered cat tribes, make sure to visit Strazdauskas’ website and read his stories. In the meantime, scroll below to check out more of his works.