Rhinestone Artist Transforms Stanley Cups Into Works of Art

You are probably aware of the Stanley cup craze going on in the past couple of months. It appears that everyone wants to own one, and everyone who owns one is strangely passionate about it. But for rhinestone artist Ashley Kosko, Stanley cups are more than just a fad.

Kosko has been passionate about Stanely cups ever since she got one a couple of years ago. She has built up a sizeable collection but also used them as a creative outlet. Kosko is transforming Stanley cups into works of art by using rhinestones.

It all began when Kosko wanted to surprise one of her friends with a unique gift. She decided to take a Stanley cup and gave it a rhinestone transformation. Her friend was thrilled with the gift, and Kosko fell in love with this unusual project.

Since then, Kosko has been decorating Stanley cups and posting the results on TikTok. This brought her a significant following on social media while also prompting other TikTokers to reach out and say they want to own one.

Nowadays, Kosko is selling her creations online while also building a big collection of Stanley cups. You can check out more of her works by scrolling below.


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