Cartoonist Imagines Historical Figures as Squirrels

Frank Page is an illustrator, graphic designer and cartoonist based in Central New York who creates a hilarious comic of a squirrel named Bob. How did he come up with the idea for his project, you might wonder? Well, he just looked out the window.

“What I saw would invariably change my life for better or for worse,” the artist shared on his personal website. “What I saw was a squirrel—kinda like when Bruce Wayne was trying to decide on what he should be and that pesky little bat came flying through his window. “I called him Bob; thus inspiring the comic panel BOB THE SQUIRREL.”

In one of his series, Page imagined famous historical figures as squirrels. He named his project History Bob. Gloria Steinem, Frida Kahlo, Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, etc. they have all received a squirrel shape.

If you are interested to see Page’s work, check out his Instagram account, or website.