Cartoonist Shows the Hilarious Connection of the Head and the Heart

You know how oftentimes (and we can’t stress the word often enough here), you are extremely well aware of what you rationally shouldn’t be doing, for your own good, but there is this little jerk, supposedly beating in your chest, going “but I really wannaaaa!”

That is what the heart-brain relationship is like most of the time. While your brain says, “if you have that second piece of cake you’ll need an insulin shot,” your heart goes “should I put whipped cream on it, or is just the chocolate sauce enough?”

The “Heart and Brain” webcomic is a popular spinoff from Nick Seluk’s “Awkward Yeti” series. The cartoonist, who left a career in graphic design to work on his comics full time, was initially inspired to create the “Awkward Yeti” series by a very bad painting (which turned into the yeti). This decision must have been the right choice, as Seluk’s hilarious comics have taken the internet by storm and have also been published in book form.

“Heart and Brain” follows the dialogue between the cynical, rational, socially-influenced Brain, and the irrational, impulsive, optimistic, hopeful Heart. The character of the Heart is inspired by the concept of the Id, the Brain by the Superego, and the owner of these body parts, Lars the Yeti, represents the poor, torn Ego.

Scroll down for some laughs: