Simon Berger Creates Stunning Portraits By Cracking Glass

To make a stunning portrait, Swiss artist Simon Berger only needs a hammer and a piece of glass. By making small cracks in the glass, Berger manages to create a human face with an astonishing level of detail.

In his artist beginnings, Berger, who is a carpenter by training, experimented with spray can portraits and wood sculptures. But it wasn’t until he started brainstorming what to do with an old car windshield that he discovered the style of art that would go on to define his career.

After a successful first attempt at using glass as a canvas, Berger continued honing his skills and soon perfected the technique of incising images on a glass surface with a hammer. This process of creation through distraction has captivated art enthusiasts from all over the world and made Berger a well-known name in the art world.

While Berger is known to depict various subjects in his works, including cars and animals, human faces remain his biggest source of inspiration.

“Human faces have always fascinated me,” Berger shares on his website. “On safety glass, they come into their own and magically attract the viewer. It is a process of discovery from abstract fogging to figurative perception.”

If you want to check out more of Berger’s stunning portraits, check out his social media or continue scrolling.