David Rivillo Will Rock Your World With His Colorful Pasta Designs

Pasta is the ultimate comfort food and David Rivillo will make you fall in love with it all over again. He specializes in making some of the most colorful pasta designs that you’ll ever come across and he truly took the art of cooking homemade pasta to the next level.

Rivillo made his first pasta design to pay homage to one of his favorite artists, Carlos Cruz Diez, after he passed away in 2019. This project opened up new horizons for this professional chef, and he hasn’t stopped coming up with new pasta designs and patterns ever since.

Rivillo quickly realized that making complex pasta designs won’t be an easy task. The technology just wasn’t there, so he had to study the science behind every ingredient involved in pasta to truly hone his skills.

“There isn’t much information or courses available to learn about pasta design or colored pasta. So I knew that if I wanted to make better and different designs keeping the structure and the colors of the design before and after cooking, I had to make my research study,” he told Bored Panda.

Rivillo initially drew inspiration from his favorite artists, but he now finds it everywhere he goes. From nature and architecture to textile and fashion designs, he sees the ideas for his pasta designs all around him, and they’re getting more vibrant and amazing by the day.