Bonsai Trees Emerge From Antique Ceramic Vases in the Works of Patrick Bergsma

Sculptor Patrick Bergsma recently presented an intriguing new series of works titled “Expanding China.“ The series sees Bergsma creating sculptures that show bonsai trees emerging through antique ceramic vases and breaking them apart in the process.

Bergsma’s works intend to explore the relationship between nature and humans. They aim to show that no matter the level of progress humanity reaches, they can’t contain nature, which will always find a way to prevail.

“Nature will survive. This is the basic meaning of my recent work,” Bergsma told designboom in a recent interview.

Bergsma creates his bonsai trees out of aluminum wire before adding bark, moss, and flowers to them. He does everything by hand, resulting in a time-consuming process. The vases he uses are sourced from antique shops and antique dealers,

“There is not one way how I get to the final result,” the Dutch artist shares. “Sometimes, I try to imagine what it would be like if I were a tree growing out of that vase or vases. Other times, I get an idea from the decoration of the vase. Even the way the porcelain breaks can give me inspiration on how to continue.”

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