Filmmaker Photoshops His Dog Into Movie Posters

Have you already heard about Maxine the Fluffy Corgi? He’s the furry Instagram star who appears on famous movie posters. He is the best friend of a filmmaker and creative director from New York called Bryan Reisberg and his wife.

“My wife and I love movies, and Maxine’s Instagram is movie-themed,” Bryan told Bored Panda. “Every caption is a movie quote. So we thought photoshoping Maxine into movie posters would be a fun way to celebrate some of our favorite movies of the year.”

Thanks to his owner’s photoshopping skills, Maxine is now a true Internet sensation. The hilarious project began in mid-December, and finished right before the Oscars, when the star was born.

Check out the funny movie posters below (make sure you follow the arrows for more cool images).