Food Turns to Objects and Animals in these Clever Digital Collages

Image via les.creatonautes/Instagram

French creative agency Les Creatonautes, known for its clever digital collages, has really outdone itself with their latest projects. In order to push the limits of their digital wiz, the agency decided to start a series of collages that turns food into everyday objects and animals.

This is how in Les Creatonautes’ works, a cake got crocodile jaws; eggplant became a piece of diving equipment while onion ring found a new purpose as a floating wheel.

“The world is in permanent change, it is in a transformation” – Olivier Grossmann of Les Creatonautes told Colossal. “This transformation, often invisible, sometimes unexpected, is inevitable. Living organisms, landscapes, technologies, societies: everything changes constantly, at different rates. From this observation, we decided to transform the world in our own way.”

Let’s check some of their amazing works below.