Girl Illustrates Her Everyday Life and the Results Are Hilarious

Image via miss.pad_thai on Instagram

Esther González is a 31-year-old artist from Spain who started drawing comics only a year ago when she got fed up with her office job.

Also known as miss.pad_thai on Instagram, Esther has been interested in drawing since she was a little girl. Her first encounter with the comic happened at the dentist office when she was 11 years old. She discovered Calvin and Hobbes and that’s when the magic happened.

Her drawings both in Spanish and English are inspired by her daily life, films, cartoons, and other comics. Although many of her artist colleagues are drawing digital, Esther is still doing it in an old fashion way. First, she draws by hand with a pencil on a paper, then she inks it with markers. After that, she erases the pencil and scans the drawing. In the end, she uses her tablet and Photoshop to finish up the work.

*Make sure you press the arrows to see the English versions.