Hungarian Blogger Tries To Empower Women With Her Illustrations

Let us be honest; in some aspects, living as a woman in the 21st century has some benefits. However, until this day, there are still injustices against ladies all around the globe. So one 31-year-old artist and blogger tries to empower women using her talent and social media platforms.

On her Instagram profile, where she has attracted over 151K followers, Hungary-based Lainey Molnar puts side-by-side illustrations of what society expects from her and how she lives her life. She thinks that pressure on women is created both inside our community and the outside, explaining that some things are still expected from them like hundreds of years ago.

“It is incredibly hard to navigate all of their expectations and reach the milestones society has set out for us,” she shared in an interview for Bored Panda and added that she created a comic-style avatar and began illustrating all the things she is going through as a woman under the pressure of society and life.

Scroll down and check out the illustrations.