Illustrator Imagines Parallel Universe Where Animals Are Protagonists

Arpan Mazumder has many talents to his name: he is an architect and urban planner by profession and a doodler, illustrator, and cartoonist by choice. Also known as ‘Bhai’ which translates into ‘brother’, the artist finds doodling and sketching extremely therapeutic.

“​Epiphanies, current events, and, sometimes, my mood help me select the subjects/themes, which may range from anything to everything under the sun, and beyond,” he wrote on his personal website.

In one of his projects, the artist created a series of illustrations about a parallel universe.

“Don’t we all at times wonder that we, humans, might not be the only ones inhabiting this vast universe? I created this series with the wild imagination that, if such a planet/universe does exist, then how would the inhabitants go about their daily lives,” Mazumder shared on Bored Panda.

If you are curious to see his work, check out his Instagram gallery below.