Intricate Paper Artworks by Lucila Biscione Feature Fairy Tale-Like Characters

Lucila Biscione is known for her intricate paper artworks that feature surreal and fairy-tale like scenes. Her works are delicately cut by hand and often mixed with pencil and ink, which brings the magical characters to life. It’s the memories and dreams she has that inspire her the most, transforming her art into a different reality.

“My inspiration comes from looking, going back and exploring moments that I have lived. They are usually memories or dreams or they can also even be stories that I have been told and I decided to transform. I draw thinking that those characters can really come alive on a stage. That is why I always have in mind the fabrics of the costumes or the materiality of the objects,” Biscione said in an interview with Playgrounds.

In addition to her beautiful pieces, she also conducts workshops where she teaches the art of papercutting. You can see more of her works on her website and Instagram page.

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