Jeremy Leung’s Illustrations Are Something Special

Looking for your next illustrator inspiration on Instagram? We recommend up-and-coming illustrator Jeremy Leung. The Chinese-Canadian illustrator (currently living in Brooklyn, NY) has clear and undeniable talent that shines through his Instagram page.

After working in user interface design for two and a half years, Leung is currently the assistant art director and staff illustrator at Institutional Investor. He’s also collaborated with publications like The New York Times, The Globe & Mail, and Buzzfeed.

“I swear by the brush pen— the ability to control the stroke width of ink with my own hand allows me to feel closer to my work than any other digital tools,” stated the artist in an interview with Art Directors Club. “Also, I really enjoy the softness of graphite—it helps me show value and tone depending on how much pressure I use.”

“My specialty is typography and editorial work— I love distilling an idea into a single image to reveal a new perspective on the writing,” he added. “I would describe my style as incredibly intricate and representative of my obsession with detail. I’ve fostered it through my keen interest in telling a story through a piece while having enough detail to keep the viewer’s eyeballs on the drawing as long as possible.”

It’s only a matter of time until Leung’s Instagram page blows up, so be sure to follow his progress starting now!

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