Japanese Artist Draws Famous Buildings With So Much Detail

Detailing in art perfects the picture. It is always amazing to see an artwork with so much detail. Art enthusiasts appreciate them because they take a long time to finish. Have you ever seen drawings of buildings that are detailed in every aspect? A Thailand based Japanese artist works on such art.

Emi Nakajima’s works will definitely shock you because of the level of detailing he uses. He drew several famous buildings in the world. He focuses on creating art that is intricate and most of the time, the naked eye cannot spot some details. This talented artist has drawn the Sagrada Familia of Spain as well as the famous Big Ben of London.

Emi’s work highlights the tiniest details of these famous historical buildings. He works on different sizes, as some as a small as the palm while others are larger than a drawing table.

Scroll below to see some of this artist’s best work from his Instagram page:

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