Kelli Laderer Tells It Like It Is

Kelli Laderer’s Instagram page is a haven of positivity, humor, and self-care. A hand-lettering artist and illustrator, Laderer’s posts are boiled down to catchy mantras and simple illustrations, composed of geometric shapes and vibrant color palettes. In other words: it’s just the page to follow these uncertain times.

According to Laderer, her art is very much based on her life experiences and is the byproduct of much trial and error. “My experiences and personal journey have been integral to what my art has currently transitioned into,” she explained in an interview with Ever Made.

“I spent years exploring art, learning from mentors and teachers,” she further relayed. “But, I got a little off track and took the responsible route, e.g. going to college for graphic design.” According to Laderer, it was only after graduation and the impending reality that this was it, that she decided to put her big-girls pants on and return to her original goal: making art, that is. “So I did it; I learned from everything I could get my hands on, put myself out there, and shared my work,” she says.

Combining her background in graphic design and fine art, Laderer aims to create positive change in the world, both ethically and ecologically speaking. “I think a burning planet, plastic straws, and social injustices suck,” she writes on her website. “That’s why I choose to work with people like you who believe in a more eco and socially conscious future.”