Laura Callaghan Captures the Minute Details of Everyday Life

Scrolling through Laura Callaghan’s illustrations is the equivalent to falling down the rabbit hole. Highly detailed, her illustrations depict colorful scenes of everyday life through a humoristic lens.

“Drawing the tiny details is where the real enjoyment comes from,” admitted Callaghan in an interview with Varoom. “There is something very satisfying about drawing a perfect little rip off of a Lilt can or a Colin the caterpillar cake. It’s a cliche, but I feel if I’m going to do something I might as well do it right, even if the level of finish is something that can only really be appreciated when you are looking at the painting in real life.”

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2 days until the referendum on repealing the 8th amendment in Ireland. I'm sure the atmosphere in the country is toxic at the moment and I can't imagine how difficult it is for women who are dealing with an unwanted pregnancy or have had a termination in the past to have to contend with the bullshit from the no side on a daily basis. Unfortunately I'm not eligible to vote but seeing the hordes of voters living abroad making the trip home to vote yes is really heartening. Sometimes all it can take is an honest conversation to open someones eyes to the right choice so if you know anyone who is undecided as to how to vote, talk to them. If a person doesn't agree with abortion but believes it should be available to women in the case of fatal fetal abnormalities they should be voting yes. Irish women will continue to have abortions regardless, do we want to show compassion and offer access to abortion safely and legally in their own country or continue to allow women to travel abroad or take abortion pills unsupervised and in fear in their own homes? I've seen a lot of no voters online say they will be glad when we can stop talking about abortion after the 25th. Regardless of the result after Friday this is not a conversation that is going to stop, we will continue to discuss how we treat our women and how the church has kept the country in a chokehold for far too long. #voteyes

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Each piece is hand-painted using watercolor, gouache, and pen. “I put a lot of time into initial research but it’s the basis of everything I do and I hope the amount of thought and detail that goes into the end result makes for a richer narrative,” says the London-based illustrator. “It’s the thing that makes my work mine, other people can mimic your drawing style but nobody else has your brain (lucky them)!”

Her packed illustrations have caught the attention of almost 300k followers on Instagram, as well as clients like NYLON Magazine, Urban Decay, and The Guardian. We highly recommend you follow her on Instagram. But, beware! Finding your way back from her illustrated worlds might be harder than you think.