Mark Keffer’s Version of the Night Sky is Digital

Mark Keffer is one fascinating artist. His work seems to revolve around the unexpected symbiosis of the night sky and electric circuits. The result is as intriguing as it is visually pleasing.

“I think of my painting as a kind of mirror being held up to the viewer to serve as an arena for introspection,” Keffer told ArtLife Magazine. “The painting is you. If the viewer can put aside simple impulses of ‘interpretation’ they might allow themselves the opportunity to look inward.”

He added, “The painting is also me as well, which is what hopefully makes for the non-verbal transmission that I hope occurs.”

Most of Keffer’s paintings consist of a dark background representing the night, often dotted with white “stars”, and colorful geometrical shapes in the foreground that bring to mind what’s inside our favorite gadgets. They are at once natural and artificial, warm and cold.

“I hope the viewer of my work will take away some semblance of an experience such as observing the night sky, but with the addition of the compromising effects of human activity,” Keffer shared.

Although Keffer had held a variety of day jobs, including teaching at universities, he decided to concentrate solely on his art. “So now I basically just paint, and make no money,” he shrugged. “I tell myself it’s a valuable contribution to humanity.”