Meet The Adorable Chihuahua Who Likes to Dress-Up in Delightful Masks

Looking for your daily aww fix? Look no further! Meet
Chihuahua-mametaro, the Instagram cutie pie – a delightful little fur ball that pops his head through the most elaborate cardboard cutouts. Why? You ask. Well, why not?

His human, a Japanese woman named Semba, makes his cardboard masks for him, and her dog seems to enjoy putting on a show. When Semba wants to take a photo of the occasion, she simply says “Go home!” and her little friend pokes his little head through the mask.

“The designs are based on manga, anime/movie characters, or Japanese playing cards,” she explained in an interview with BuzzFeed. “They are things that I like.”

“People laugh when they see these photos,” she added. “They also praise the dog, who manages to stay still. Chihuahua-mametaro is cooperative. He’s usually quiet and kind, so he rarely gets angry at something.”

Amassing quite a following, it seems as though it’s just the beginning of this pup’s Instagram career. Check him out in the photo gallery below.

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