Miguel Chevalier’s Digital Universes Are Meant to Be Experienced

Miguel Chevalier creates digital installations that are meant to be experienced. Based on light and color, his digital work seems to be in constant metamorphosis, plunging the viewer into magical, sometimes, universes.

Featuring themes like nature and artifice, flows and networks, virtual cities and ornate designs, Chevalier creates palpable images that invite the viewer to look into himself and provides insight about our relationship with the changing world around us.

Known as one of the pioneers of both digital and virtual art, Chevalier has been utilizing computers in his work since 1978, aiming to create immersive installations. “Immersion is a central concept in my work because it gives the viewer new and unusual experiences in art and enriched the world of emotiveness,” he noted once, in an interview with Visual Atelier 8.

“I am interested in developing multi-sensory creations that stimulate all the senses (sight, hearing, smell).”

His projects incorporate generative and interactive virtual reality installations projected on large scale, shown on Leds screen or LCD screen, sculptures created with a 3D printer or with laser-cut, holographic imagery, and other forms. The interactivity of his work also adds a quality of playfulness to his art. It’s this playfulness, alongside a sense of etherealness that’s come to be recognized with his work, that makes his art a profound experience.